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✅  Looking for a reliable and fully insured house clearance company to clear a property in the South of England? At Pro House Clearance we pride ourselves on being the best local house clearance specialists to undertake any kind of clearance that you need.

✅  Our reliable and experienced house clearance specialists work fast, efficient and discretely to undertake any type of house clearance.

✅  We pride ourselves on recycling 95% of the contents from a house by working with over thirty charities in the South of England area to donate as much as possible, the charities vary from local food banks to furniture shops, and cat and dog shelters.

✅  Whatever can’t be donated or re-used, we will take to a commercial recycling centre, each of our teams carry a waste carriers licence.

✅  We only use our own teams, and do not subcontract to other companies, this way we know that the job will be done correctly, efficiently and your waste will be recycled properly, we are also members of the Anti Fly Tipping Association, so you can rest assured that your waste will be recycled accordingly.

We understand that house clearance is often a stressful and daunting task to undertake, we are here to take the weight off your shoulders, and make this daunting process easy for you!

Check out our genuine customer reviews below.

House Clearance Bicester – Oxfordshire – Genuine Customer Review

❝ I am a landlord of multiple properties in Bicester, and have had an unpleasant tenant letting one of my properties out over the past year.

After months of trying to get the tenant out of the property due to unpaid rent, I finally won the case and the tenant shifted, leaving the house in a disgusting state.

I visited the property the day after the tenant moved out, she had been living there with her three children, what I seen was absolutely disgraceful for anyone let alone a mother, to be living in such squalor.

The tenant removed her smaller personal belongings, leaving tons of rubbish in the house, along with mountains of broken furniture.

I had originally let the house out furnished with all appliances, basic furniture, and carpets, I had to have all this removed as they were totally ruined, I believe that the tenant purposefully damaged the furniture, carpets, and appliances before leaving.

After receiving a very reasonable quote from Anthony at Pro House clearance, and him assuring me that they have dealt with this type of clearance many times, I booked a two day slot to have the house cleared that same week.

I met the team at the property on the day of the clearance, I showed them around the house, and they began the clearance straight away, after showing them around, Anthony assured me that it would only take one day rather than two.

The team started upstairs, clearing the children’s bedrooms first, the floors were covered with rubbish and food waste that was piled to ankle height, broken bed frames and soiled mattresses also had to be removed, along with the carpet that seemed to be covered in human waste, it was as if the tenant let her children go to the toilet wherever they pleased, the property was unfit for an adult let alone a child.

Once the team cleared the bedrooms, they moved on to the bathroom, the bath had been filled with bags of rubbish and loose nappies, piled higher than the bath, and the floor was covered in soiled puppy pads.

The team finished the upstairs by removing the carpet and underlay throughout the rooms, hallway, and down the stairs.

At 12pm, the team began clearing the downstairs, starting in the kitchen, this was the worst room throughout the house, the kitchen floor couldn’t be seen due to mountains of empty food packaging and mouldy food waste, the fridge had been switched off which smelled like it had been for the whole year, and the sink and bench tops were covered in dirty rotting dishes.

Once the kitchen was completely clear, they moved onto clearing the living room and dining room, all furniture, junk, rubbish, and carpets were cleared, with the team finishing at 3pm.

I was truly amazed at how quickly the team worked, I stayed at the property throughout the day as I live far from Bicester, I thought I would have to stay until late in the evening, the team absolutely surpassed my expectations, and I am truly glad that I used them to undertake the clearance.

I can definitely recommend Pro House Clearance to carry out any type of house clearance, the team are very professional, fast working, and hard working.

Thank you again, Alan.

House Clearance Witney – Oxfordshire – Genuine Customer Review

❝ I found Pro house clearance whilst searching for reputable house clearance companies in the Witney area.

I needed them to clear my mums 2-bedroom house and garage after she moved into a nursing home.

I contacted them to retrieve a quote and get a rough idea of the services they offer, and after getting a very competitive quote, we booked a date for the clearance, and asked for a deep clean also.

The team of three promptly arrived to meet me at her house at 9am on the day of the appointment, and after briefly showing them around the house, they began the clearance straight away.

Prior to the clearance, I went through all my mums personal belongings, taking them to the nursing home for her, everything else remaining in the house was to be cleared.

At 2:30 pm, Anthony contacted me to let me know that the team would be finished the clearance in half an hours time, I headed back to the house to check on the progress, I was astonished to find that the team carried out the clearance and the deep clean in such a short space of time, only taking one van load to the recycling, and half a van load to the local charity shops.

I received my invoice and was allowed to pay via card there and then, where Anthony gave me my card receipt also.

I can highly recommend Pro House Clearance to other people in the Witney area, if you are in need of a clearance, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Pro house clearance to carry out the job.

Thank you so much, Sylvia.   

 House Clearance Cannock – Staffordshire – Genuine Customer Review

❝ My mum sadly passed away last year, I have just now built up the courage to have her three-bedroom flat cleared in Cannock.

I have spent several days over the past year going through her personal belongings and removing any sentimental items that I wanted.

I only recently come to terms with having her flat cleared, and decided it would be better for me to have a professional company come in to do it.

I found Pro House Clearance online, after talking with Anthony over the phone, and expressing my concerns with having the house cleared, he gave me reassurance, gave me a reasonable quote, and booked me a date in.

My concerns were with what happens to the contents of the house, I have heard many horror stories about fly tipping, and people being fined due to this, Anthony gave me reassurance and provided me with a copy of their waste carriers licence, and sent me a link to show that they were members of the Anti-Fly Tipping Association.

The team met me at 9am on the day of the clearance, I showed them around my mums flat, and explained what needed to be removed, and what needed to stay, I had labelled a few items of furniture that was to be sold with the flat prior to the teams’ arrival.

It took Anthony and his team three hours to completely clear the flat, leaving only the few items of furniture that were to stay.

I am really pleased with the outcome of the clearance, the team have done an amazing job, my concerns about fly tipping went out the window when they provided details of the commercial recycling centre that they were using.

I can highly recommend Pro House Clearance as a reputable, and fully licensed house clearance company.

Thanks again guys, Sarah. ❞

House Clearance Rugeley – Staffordshire – Genuine Customer Review

❝ My mum had lived in her estate for nearly 50 years on her own before passing away last month.

Her house is a twelve bedroom, twenty-three rooms in total mansion, that I just did not have the time to go through or clear myself, it would have taken months, even years, due to being a doctor and on call regularly.

I needed to find a reliable company for a two part process house clearance, where they could go in and find any valuable antiques, jewellery, or any other valuables that my mum had collected throughout her life, as well as have a house clearance carried out.

I found Southern house clearance online, and read through most of their customer testimonials, after reading a specific review about a ten bedroom mansion clearance that was carried out for another customer, it sounded just like what I needed.

I contacted Southern house clearance, and due to the kind of clearance it was, they needed to come out and view the house beforehand to give a fair quote on the clearance.

The team worked around my times to arrange a viewing, and even though I had to cancel three times, they were very patient and understanding with me, we eventually agreed a date that worked for both of us.

Anthony met me at the house to give me a quote on the clearance, we agreed it would take 9 days, with six members of staff and two vans, with the team also working throughout the weekend.

Not only did the house need cleared, and valuable items needing found, there is also a large annex attached to the house and two garages that were filled with old battered cars, heavy machinery, and other junk.

I left the keys with Anthony once agreeing a quote, and a nine-day slot, and asked him to contact me via email during the clearance in case I was at work.

The team kept me updated throughout, sending me photographs of the progress after every day, and they even managed to finish the clearance within seven days, which was a bonus for me as I had a buyer ready to move straight in once the clearance was complete.

I met the team back at the house once they were finished, they managed to fill a room with antiques and valuable items that they found whilst clearing, and also moved it all to a nearby secure lock up for me at my request, for no additional cost, I was not expecting them to find that much.

They also managed to fill three large stacker boxes with jewellery that they were finding throughout the house, and found just over £12,000 in cash.

The team did not disappoint, they made the whole clearance a breeze for me, they didn’t hassle me at work, and made sure to only email me just in case I was at work, they never stumbled across any problems, cleared the whole house, annex, and garages with no hassle, even removing six rusty falling apart vehicles.

The house was fairly cluttered, and over the years my mum gradually moved from one room to another as she got older, and eventually lived in the downstairs lounge, as it was easier to access the kitchen, and bathroom for her.

I of course gave the team a large tip each for their honesty with handing in such a large amount of cash and valuables, and for their extremely hard work with clearing the house.

I am so glad that I used southern house clearance, if I didn’t, the house would probably still be sitting full today.

Thanks again to such an outstanding, professional and reliable company, and a huge thank you to the two teams that carried out the clearance.

Sincerely, Andrew. ❞

House Clearance Loughborough – Leicestershire – Genuine Customer Review

❝ Pro House Clearance have done an amazing job with clearing my late mums three bedroom semi detached house and garage in Loughborough.

My mum passed away suddenly, and we needed to have her home cleared quickly in order to hand the keys back to the landlord without incurring additional rent charges, Pro House Clearance were able to fit us in very quickly, and assured us that the house would be cleared in one day.

They worked effortlessly throughout the day, finishing at 6pm, they made sure the whole house, garage, and shed was completely clear of all contents, furniture, and white goods, and also carried out a deep clean afterwards.

I thank Anthony and the team for making a difficult job seem easy, they were all very comforting and understanding of my situation, they found my mums old wedding album which they handed in to me, I must have missed it when going through her personal belongings.

Such an amazing job done by a very professional and hardworking team, they worked extremely hard knowing that I needed it cleared that day, it should have been a two day job, but they made sure it was done for me.

I can highly recommend this company to anyone needing a house clearance in the Loughborough area.

Thanks again, Amanda.

House Clearance Wigston – Leicestershire – Genuine Customer Review

❝ My husbands father went into a nursing home a few months ago, we had to arrange to have his three bedroom house cleared in Wigston, in order to sell it to cover the costs of the nursing home stay.

We contacted Pro House Clearance after doing some research online, they explained how they worked, and what fees were included to carry out the clearance, everything sounded straight forward, so we booked their company.

The team arrived promptly at 9am to carry out the clearance, and finished by 3pm.

They made what seemed like a difficult job easy for us, prior to the clearance we asked for some items of furniture to remain, these were to be moved to the nursing home, when they finished they offered to do this for us at no extra cost, since the home was only a few streets away.

Overall, the team were extremely professional, and efficient when carrying out the clearance, I would not hesitate to use their services again, and will highly recommend them to anyone needing a house clearance done in the Wigson area.

We are now able to move on with getting his house sold, to cover the costs of his care.

Thank you again to Anthony and his amazing team for a job well done.


House Clearance Hinckley – Leicestershire – Genuine Customer Review

❝ I used Pro House Clearance to clear my great grans three bedroom bungalow in Hinckley last month. Anthony and his team who arrived to clear the bungalow done an amazing job, they were very polite men all in full uniform.

They began the clearance at 9am and finished at 2pm, I didn’t have to be present for the clearance, I met them at the property at 9am, showed them around, and went to my friend’s for a cuppa, I was astonished to find that they were finished in such a short space of time.

Whilst the team were clearing, they found my grans wedding band, my great grandfather’s war medals, a gold pocket watch, and a few family photo albums, I was amazed by their honesty and gave them a tip each.

I am grateful that they managed to donate at least half of the contents to local charities in the Hinckley area, my great gran would have wanted her belongings to go to good use.

We arranged for the team to carry out a one-off deep clean after the clearance, ready for the bungalow to go on to the market for sale.

I will highly recommend Pro House Clearance to anyone needing a clearance in the Hinckley area, they were very professional from start to finish.

Thank you again, Kirsty. ❞

House Clearance Coalville – Leicestershire – Genuine Customer Review

❝ Last month we hired Pro House Clearance to come and clear my deceased aunts five bedroom detached house and garage in Coalville.

My aunt was a bit of a hoarder in her day, we tried to clear as much as we could ourselves, and shortly realized it was too big a job.

We are so glad we used Pro House Clearance to carry out the clearance, what would have taken us months to do, took them only three days, the team managed to get the whole ground floor cleared on the first day, taking two whole van loads of usable goods and food to charities in the Coalville area.

On the second day, the team managed to clear the whole second and third floor, they found quite a lot of valuable antiques and gold jewellery for us that was hidden underneath mounds of clutter, they kept this stuff to one side for us along with family photographs, my aunts wedding album, and her will.

The team finished the clearance on the third day by clearing the garage, shed, and loft, and also carried out a one off deep clean in the house, which took four hours in total.

I can highly recommend Anthony and the team to anyone, as they done such an amazing job for us! Thanks so much, Adrian. ❞

House Clearance Oadby – Leicestershire – Genuine Customer Review

❝  The service I received from Pro House Clearance from initial contact to job completion was amazing.

My first point of contact was Anthony who was very friendly and helpful with queries that I had about house clearance, he explained everything properly to me and assured me there were no hidden fees after I received my quote.

Anthony and the team arrived promptly on time on the day of the clearance, they stayed until the whole house was clear, including the removal of carpets, curtains, white goods  and the emptying of a single shed.

The team also donated a huge amount of my grandads contents to local charities in the Oadby area on my behalf.

It took roughly four hours to fully clear the house and shed, and the team carried out a one off deep clean straight after, which took roughly three hours.

I could not be more pleased with the outcome, and can highly recommend Pro House Clearance to anyone needing a clearance in the Oadby area.

Thank you again, Jackie. ❞

House Clearance Market Harborough – Leicestershire – Genuine Customer Review

❝  I used Pro House Clearance to clear my mums two bedroom house in Market Harborough.

Anthony and his team arrived at 9am on the day to begin the clearance which took 3 hours in total.

I couldn’t stay for the clearance being done due to work commitments, I showed the team around, and left them with the keys to carry on the clearance.

I received a phone call halfway through to say that they had found a jewellery box containing my mums jewellery, and that they would leave it in one of the empty rooms for me.

Once the team finished the clearance, they took photographs of the empty house and emailed me them, they also sent my invoice over which I was able to pay via card over the phone to their head office.

The team left the keys with a nearby solicitor for me upon my request.

Once I visited the house after finishing work, I was very impressed to see how good of a job the team had done, all the carpets were gone, every cupboard had been emptied, nothing was left behind, they left my mums jewellery on the kitchen bench for me, I had forgotten about her jewellery when I was removing her personal belongings prior to the team arriving.

I can highly recommend such a professional, and honest company to anyone in need of a house clearance in the Market Harborough area.

An outstanding job well done.


House Clearance Earl Shilton – Leicestershire – Genuine Customer Review

❝  Dealing with the clearance of my late father’s property was such a daunting and emotional thing for me to do, it took me four months just to sift through and remove his personal and sentimental belongings before even thinking of having a house clearance company in.

After doing some extensive research, I finally decided to go ahead with hiring a house clearance company.

The first company I contacted was Pro House Clearance, I spoke to Anthony who gave me all the information I needed and answered all questions that I had regarding the clearance.

I met the team at the house on the morning, they were polite and understanding, and made me feel at ease straight away, I was very upset seeing things being removed from the property, and decided to let the team crack on with the job.

Anthony called me half an hour before they were finished, to give me notice to return to the house.

What seemed like such a daunting and stressful time for me, was made easy by the team, It took them only three hours to clear my dads four bedroom bungalow, it would have taken me a lifetime.

Some family photographs that I had missed whilst removing personal belongings, were uncovered for me when the team were clearing his house.

I can highly recommend Anthony and the team, they were all in full uniform, were very nice, and supportive of my circumstances.

Thank you so much, Andrea N. ❞

House Clearance Shepshed – Leicestershire – Genuine Customer Review

❝  I found Pro House Clearance on AFTA, they came highly recommended from many reviewers on there.

From start to finish Anthony and the team made the clearance a breeze for me, from initial contact they were able to fit me in very quickly as I had to get the house cleared for the new buyers, to completion of the clearance which only took two hours.

The team carried on the house clearance with no breaks to make sure it was done by 4pm, the sale of the property had originally fallen through, then unexpectedly two days before had went through again, with the new buyers needing to move in quickly.

They worked effortlessly throughout the day, making sure every nook and cranny was cleared, even including the kitchen appliances, garage contents, and carpets.

I am so glad I chose Pro House Clearance to clear my property in Shepshed, the team absolutely did not disappoint, a very professional and reliable company indeed.


House Clearance Stoke-on-Trent – Staffordshire – Genuine Customer Review

❝ I originally made an enquiry at a short notice, Southern house clearance were able to accommodate straight away for me, and I am so glad that they did.

My uncle passed away leaving his three bedroom town house in Stoke-on-Trent to be cleared, it had to be urgently done due to the council needing to re-home a desperate family.

The council insisted that everything had to be cleared, even including carpets, underlay, all kitchen appliances, the contents of the shed and garage, all plant pots and garden furniture, curtains, and even light fittings.

Anthony and the team arrived promptly, taking only a few hours to completely clear the whole property of all contents, carpets, white goods, curtains etc.

I also arranged for the team to carry out a one off deep clean after the clearance, which was done on the same day, and only took two and a half hours.

The team done an amazing job with both the clearance and the clean, they worked extremely fast to have it complete that day so that I could return the keys, they were very professional and clearly had a lot of experience working within a deadline.

I was amazed to find out that they managed to salvage a whole van load that was being donated to local charities in Stoke-on-Trent, that very same day.

I can highly recommend Pro House Clearance to undertake a house clearance in Stoke-on-Trent, if you are looking for a professional team who are fast, discreet, and hard working, then this is the company for you.

Thank you again for an amazing job well done.


House Clearance Tamworth – Staffordshire – Genuine Customer Review

❝ Southern House clearance cleared my mums old three bedroom house in Tamworth last week, from start to finish they did not disappoint, the team showed kindness and courtesy throughout, providing me an excellent service.

Nothing was too much for Anthony and the team, everything including carpets, curtains, and even furniture from the attic was cleared.

Anthony was my initial point of contact from beginning to end, he answered all my queries, and doubts I was having before the lead up to the clearance, everything went straight forward and according to plan, it originally seemed to good to be true for someone like myself who has never done this kind of thing before, it all went very smooth and only took the team a few hours to do.

If I was clearing the property myself it would have taken months, having the team clear the property for me took a huge weight off my shoulders, I am now able to focus on moving forward and deciding with what to do with the house next.

I couldn’t wrap my head arround clearing my mums property myself as it was too painful for me, I gave Anthony a list of items that I wanted the team to find for me whilst clearing, they managed to find everything on the list and more.

They found a huge box of antique jewellery including my mums wedding and engagement rings, they also found all photographs, my late grandfathers war medals that had been passed down to my mum as a child, and a few other family heirlooms that included three paintings, a grandfather clock, two gold pocket watches, a coin collection, and a collection of Royal Worcester ornaments that my mum and grandma collected throughout their life.

I couldn’t thank the team enough for their honesty, hard work, and professionalism, I can highly recommend Pro House Clearance to anyone needing a house clearance carried out in the Tamworth area.

Thank you to the team for outstanding work, and making a stressful job easy for me.

Many thanks, Adam

House Clearance Cannock – Staffordshire – Genuine Customer Review

❝  I recently needed to get my Aunts two bedroom home cleared after she was moved into a nursing home.

As you can imagine it has been a very stressful time, I am a nurse and usually struggle to make arrangements, however the guys that I contacted at Southern Homes Clearance worked around my schedule and offered really reasonable pricing.

The team even arranged to collect the keys from a nearby estate agents, and return them once they finished the clearance, and due to my busy schedule, instead of having to rush back from work to see the house, they sent me photographs via email of the empty house once they had finished.

From start to finish, the process was easy, I contacted Anthony at Pro House Clearance who asked me a few simple questions, then gave me a reasonable quote over the phone, he booked me in for a date that I was happy with, carried out the clearance, issued me an invoice, and sent me photographs via email.

The team also found a few valuable items which had been missed when we removed my aunts personal belongings, which they left in the property for me to collect when I finished work.

Once I finished work, I went to the house to see for myself the work that had been carried out, I was truly amazed to see that it was spic and span, every item of furniture, carpets, underlay, appliances, and the contents of cupboards had been cleared.

I had previously arranged with Anthony to have the house cleaned afterwards, so that it would be in good, clean condition ready to go up for sale, they did not disappoint with the deep cleaning service carried out, the house was cleaned from top to bottom, leaving it in an immaculate condition for whoever purchases it.

If you want a job done well then I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Pro House Clearance, they worked quickly and efficiently and made sure that I received all valuables that they found amongst my aunts possessions.

Really lovely team that have made this hard time so much easier.

Thank you so much.

Christina.   ❞

House Clearance Stafford – Staffordshire – Genuine Customer Review

❝  Last month I hired Pro House Clearance to clear my five bedroom town house in Stafford.

I had been letting the house out to a long term Tennant who passed away with no immediate family to arrange the clearance, in order for me to let the property back out, I needed to have it completely cleared so that I could start decorating it.

The tenant had been living in the house for over eight years, and had accumulated quite a large amount of stuff, even though the house has five bedrooms, It was only ever him and his wife who had lived there, and she sadly passed three years before him.

When I first visited the house to see what needed done, it was like walking back in time, all furniture was that old mahogany stuff, there were vintage collectibles and ornaments everywhere.

I needed the house completely stripped, including carpets, appliances, curtains, blinds etc, the tenant never ever complained about the appliances or carpets, so they have never been changed since before he moved in, they were still all the same.

I needed a company who would come in and strip it right back to the bare minimum, and who could also deep clean the whole house once clear.

I found Pro House Clearance online, and after reading several reviews I was sold, I called them up and spoke to Anthony, I explained the circumstances and he gave me quote, we agreed a two day slot that best suited me.

The team turned up at 9am on the first day, I showed them around the house, made sure they knew exactly what I needed, and left the keys with them.

Once the team finished on the second day, Anthony gave me a call to head back to the property to meet him, and show me around, I was amazed to see that they managed to completely clear and deep clean the whole house in such a short space of time.

They also managed to donate a large amount of the collectibles, clothing, and bric-a-brac to charities in the Stafford area.

The team have done a cracking job, I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again if ever needed, and will highly recommend to anyone needing this type of thing done.

Thanks again, Andrew.

House Clearance Burntwood – Staffordshire – Genuine Customer Review

❝  I used Pro House Clearance recently to clear my late grans three bedroom house in Burntwood.

The team have done a fantastic job with the clearance, it only took them four hours to gut the house of all contents, including carpets, and the clearing of a double garage.

I posted the keys to their head office as I was unable to be present for the clearance as I live in Scotland, the team sent me photographs of the house and garage once it was cleared, to give me reassurance that the job was complete.

They called me throughout the day to notify me that they had found a jewellery box containing my grans collection of jewellery including hers and my late grandfathers wedding bands.

They posted the keys back to me along with the jewellery that was found, a copy of my invoice, and a copy of my card receipt, I paid the invoice over the phone via card once I had received photographs of the house.

From start to finish, Pro House Clearance provided an excellent service, the team were fast and efficient, and the communication was amazing.

I would not hesitate to recommend Pro House Clearance, they are a fantastic, reputable, and reliable company.

Thanks again, Racheal.   

House Clearance Kidsgrove – Staffordshire – Genuine Customer Review

❝ What a fabulous service I received from Southern house clearance when they cleared my uncles four-bedroom bungalow in Kidsgrove last week.

The team were very professional, and arrived on time to meet me at the house, once I showed them around, they started the job straight away, and finished within four hours.

Once my uncle passed away, with me being the sole executor and inheritor of his property, I was daunted with the task of sorting through his personal belongings, and eventually having to clear his house.

Pro House Clearance came highly recommended by a close friend who had used their service just a few months beforehand, they offered a very reasonable quote to clear the bungalow, and took no time at all with doing so.

I was amazed at how much of the contents they were able to donate and reuse to help cut down on land fill, and to find that the items such as carpets that couldn’t be reused, went to appropriate recycling to be recycled accordingly.

Anthony and the team done an amazing job, I couldn’t have been happier with the work that was carried out, and will definitely be recommending them.

Thank you again for a fast and efficient service from a polite, professional, and reliable team.


House Clearance Leek – Staffordshire – Genuine Customer Review

❝ I can’t fault Southern house clearance for the service that I received when having my late friends three bedroom town house cleared in Leek – Staffordshire.

They gave an amazing first impression, from the first initial contact through to the house being completely cleared, the whole process was handled in a professional and courteous manner.

Nothing was too much trouble for Anthony and the team, they cracked on with the job straight away, working right through until 6pm to make sure the house was completely clear for me, so that I could hand the keys back to the landlord of the property.

My friend was a borderline hoarder before she passed, the majority of the rooms in the house were full of clutter and junk, the landlord requested everything to be cleared, even carpets, leaving only the fridge freezer, washing machine, and cooker in place.

There was no messing about with the team, they worked throughout the whole day taking no breaks, and there was no standing around.

The quote I received was very reasonable too, before booking a clearance I was daunted with how much one would cost, I thought I might of had to take out a small loan, but when I received my quote from Anthony, I was amazed at how fair their pricing was, and there was no hidden costs either, everything even including the carpets was included within the quote.

All I can say is the team have done an amazing job, they surpassed my expectations, and made a stressful time easy for me.

Thank you, Mrs Barbara Stephens. ❞

House Clearance Biddulph – Staffordshire – Genuine Customer Review

❝ I recently inherited my late aunts two-bedroom flat in Biddulph.

I live in Aberdeen, and the thought of clearing the flat from such a long distance away seemed very daunting to me.

As my home in Aberdeen is my forever home, I arranged with the estate agents in Biddulph to put the flat up for sale, once they received the keys and went to take photographs, they advised that I have a house clearance done before listing the flat up for sale.

After finding a reputable house clearance company who are members of the Anti fly tipping association, and who are fully licensed, I narrowed my search down to a few house clearance companies, and finally decided to go with Southern house clearance after receiving a fair quote from them.

I arranged with Anthony for him and the team to collect the keys from the estate agents in order to access the property for clearance.

The team kept me updated throughout the day, and Anthony called me at 12pm to say he had found two diamond rings and £800 in cash, I was truly amazed at their honesty, and he offered to post them to me once they finished the clearance.

When 2pm came around, I received photographs of the empty flat, along with a copy of my invoice, Anthony called me to take payment over the phone, and assured me that the items found would be posted that evening.

The team then returned the keys back to the estate agents, and Anthony sent me a copy of the postage receipt for the items sent.

The team have certainly passed my expectations, and have done a truly amazing job, the estate agents have now been around to take photographs, and hopefully the flat should sell in no time.

Thank you again for an amazing job well done, I can highly recommend Southern house clearance, what an amazing, reliable, and honest company.

Sarah. ❞

House Clearance Hednesford – Staffordshire – Genuine Customer Review

❝  Last year I went through a really difficult time, I sadly lost both parents in the space of a short few months.

I had to deal with their estate in Hednesford as I am the sole executor, and had to arrange a clearance in order to later sell their property.

I don’t live in the UK, and couldn’t make it over for the clearance being conducted due to work commitments.

I called Pro House Clearance to arrange a house clearance, I spoke with Anthony and explained my situation with not living in the UK.

I arranged with Anthony to collect the keys from my solicitor a few miles away from the house, in order to undertake the clearance, I also advised on a few items of furniture that needed to remain in the property, and also asked if they could locate a few sentimental items for me.

On the day of the clearance, Anthony and the team collected the keys from the solicitors, they completely cleared the house leaving only the few items of furniture behind, Anthony sent me photographs of the sentimental items found, as well as some antique items that he had found, to check if I would want them, and also sent me photos of the property empty.

Anthony packed up the antiques found, along with the sentimental items, and a hard copy of my invoice, and posted them out to me 1st class, I was truly amazed by his honesty with the antiques, and that they offered this service to send the items to me, when I originally would have had no way of getting them until I flew back to the UK.

I can highly recommend Southern house clearance, they have went above and beyond for me, by collecting and returning keys, updating me with photographs throughout the clearance, making sure I received my personal belongings, and allowing me to pay via bank transfer when settling the invoice.

Thank you again, an amazing company indeed.


House Clearance Stone – Staffordshire – Genuine Customer Review

❝ I called Pro House Clearance last week for a quote, and booked a date for the team to come out to undertake a house clearance at my late mums four bedroom house in Stone.

The team met me at the house at 9am on the day of the appointment, I showed them around the house, and then showed them the double garage.

The team began the clearance straight away, I popped to a meeting whilst they carried on with the clearance, and returned when they finished.

It took the team four hours to completely clear the house and garage of all contents, I was amazed to find that they managed to donate half a van load to a few different charities in the Stone area.

I asked the team to keep a hold of any photographs that they may have found whilst clearing my mums house, which they gave me in a box when I returned from my meeting.

From initially calling Southern house clearance for a quote, to having the actual clearance done, was made a breeze for me, they are a very punctual, reliable, and honest company, who have full credentials and licensing to carry out any type of house clearance.

I will continue to recommend them as a reputable company to anyone who is in need of having a house clearance done.

Thanks again guys, Lisa. ❞

House Clearance Leamington Spa – Warwickshire – Genuine Customer Review

❝  Last month I hired Pro House Clearance to clear my great grans four bedroom bungalow and garage in Leamington Spa.

I found Pro House Clearance on the Anti Fly Tipping website, they came highly recommended by previous customers who have used their services.

Anthony and his team met me at the bungalow at 9am on the day of the clearance, the team were really friendly, and certainly knew how to clear a quite hoarded property, I was expecting the clearance to take a few days, but they managed to clear the whole bungalow and garage within only six hours.

The team worked extremely hard throughout the day, clearing the bedrooms first, and working their way through to the kitchen and garage last, they went through the bungalow afterwards removing all carpets, underlay, curtains, and blinds at my request.

I was astonished to find that the team were really honest, and throughout the day, they kept handing me items of jewellery, family photographs, and a few valuable antiques that they were finding whilst clearing.

It turns out by selling the jewellery to a local jeweller, and the antiques to the local auction house, it covered the cost of the clearance, and a lot more.

I can highly recommend Anthony and his team to anyone in need of a house clearance service, they were highly professional.

Thank you again, Sarah. 

House Clearance Bedworth – Warwickshire – Genuine Customer Review

❝  A few weeks ago Pro House Clearance cleared my great uncles two-bedroom flat in Bedworth.

My uncle had taken an ill turn and ended up in hospital, I visited his flat to sort it out for him, and give it a clean whilst he was in hospital, I shortly realized that he was living in poor conditions, and would not be able to return to his flat whilst it was in such a state.

I spent a few days going through his belongings, boxing up all his collectibles, personal items, clothing, books, paperwork etc, and placed them into an empty cupboard that I found in the hallway.

I tried to clear the rest on my own, but after hiring 1 skip, I realized it was too big a job for me, and that the flat would take at least ten skips to clear.

I found Pro House Clearance online, I called Anthony who explained the services they offer, and he gave me a very reasonable quote, which worked out much cheaper than hiring the skips.

Anthony and the team met me at his flat on the day of the appointment, I was really embarrassed to say the least, due to the conditions my uncle had been living in, the team made me feel at ease straight away, and ensured me that there was nothing to be embarrassed about.

I showed them around the flat, and let them know what needed to be removed and what needed to stay, surprisingly the white goods in the kitchen were all immaculate, they were to remain along with the cupboard filled with his personal belongings, and his new television.

I booked in a complete clearance that also included carpets, and booked a one off deep clean too.

It took the team three hours to complete the clearance, and two hours to undertake the clean, they did an outstanding job with both, and will be highly recommending them.

Prior to my uncle coming out of hospital, I redecorated his flat, replaced all carpets and furniture, put new blinds and curtains throughout, unboxed all his belongings, and made it homely for him.

My uncle being a very private person, he never allowed anyone into his flat, and would only visit family at their houses, no one in the family had any idea he was living in such terrible conditions, he had managed to allow food waste and rubbish to accumulate throughout his flat, he must have been living on takeaways as the kitchen was so immaculate.

I have also hired him a weekly carer and cleaner that can keep on top of his flat, and make sure it doesn’t get hoarded or dirty again.

A huge thank you to Anthony and the team, they have done an outstanding job in such a short space of time, they are highly experienced in their field, very professional, and overall just a polite and friendly team.

Thank you again, Beatrice.


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