Hoarded House Clearance

Looking To Have A Hoarded House Cleared?

The best thing to do is to give us a call on 07591572389 so that we can get a better understanding of your situation.

You can also send us photographs of the property via WhatsApp to the same phone number if this is easier for you.

How To Get A Quote?

Once you call us to give us more information regarding the property, we can arrange to visit the property in person in order to give a quote, although not always necessary, we find it better for both parties to visit the property so that we can give an accurate quote.

Nine times out of ten, our clients want to have the property cleaned after clearance, visiting the property also allows us to give an accurate quote for this too.

We can either meet you personally at the property, or we can collect/ receive keys, and post/ return to you once we have quoted.

FREE Hoarded House Clearance Asset Recovery Service:

Before arranging a house clearance, we can view the property in person in order to give a quote, whilst we do this, we offer a FREE hoarded house clearance asset recovery service.

Hoarded properties may appear to contain no worth, and our customers are usually more interested in prompt clearance, in order to list the house for sale or return the keys to the landlord.

When you post your keys to us for the property, we will thoroughly search through the property to find any hidden valuables for you, once we have done this, we will provide you with a quote, and then discuss the best way forward with you regarding the actual clearance of the property itself.

We can offset all items of value against the cost of the clearance, or we can post them to you prior to the clearance starting, our pre-clearance asset recovery search is free of charge and if there is nothing to be found, then we expect nothing in return.

Hoarded House Clearance FAQs

We have specialist fully qualified teams to carry out Hoarded house clearances across the whole of the UK.

We will never ask our customers to pay the bill up front, the invoice is to be settled in full once our team have completely cleared the property, and you are satisfied with the work carried out.

We accept card, cash, and bank transfer as means of payment.

Yes, we are fully insured to carry out hoarded, cluttered and verminous house clearances.

In addition, we hold an upper tier waste carriers licence, and are also proud members of AFTA (The Anti Fly Tipping Association).

Yes, we try to donate as much as possible to local charities, as well as cat and dog shelters, food banks, and help for homeless centres.

Wat we donate:

Blankets, bedding & towels




Books, CD’s & DVDs



In date food

Yes! Whatever we can’t donate, we aim to recycle 99% of household contents. 

Yes, the current VAT rates is 20%, this will be included within your quote.

Yes, we specialise in clearing hoarded and verminous properties, our teams have full PPE, and are fully licensed and insured to dispose of verminous waste legally

We can clear:

Food waste




No, we provide a full all round service, from the moment we agree an appointment date, you can leave everything to our specialist teams, we take care of everything regardless of the condition of the property.