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FREE Asset Recovery Service

Before arranging a house clearance, we can view the property in person in order to give a quote, whilst we do this, we offer a FREE hoarded house clearance asset recovery service.

Hoarded properties may appear to contain no worth, our customers are usually more interested in prompt clearance in order to list the house for sale or return the keys to the landlord.

We understand that this can take some time out of your buy schedule, therefore, you can post the keys to the property to our head office, and we will book a date to carry out this service.

We will thoroughly search through the property to find any hidden valuables for you, once we have done this, we will provide you with a quote for clearance, and then discuss the best way forward with you regarding the actual clearance of the property itself.

We can offset all items of value against the cost of the clearance, or we can post them to you prior to the clearance starting, or leave them remaining in the property for you, our pre-clearance asset recovery search is completely FREE of charge.

FREE Asset Recovery Service FAQs

What Is A FREE Asset Recovery Service?

A FREE asset recovery service is a service we offer pre-clearance. Our specialist teams will attend the property to source all valuable items, paperwork, documents, antiques etc for you.

What Happens To The Valuable Items?

We can either off-set them against the cot of the house clearance, or we can advise where to sell them. If you are wanting to keep said items in the family, we can either leave them in the house for you, post them to you, or leave them with a chosen person nearby the property, i.e a neighbour, relative etc.

What If You Find Nothing Of Value?

If we find nothing of value within the property, our time was still not wasted as we had to be there regardless in order to give a quote for clearance.

Do You Only Offer This Service If The Property Is Hoarded?

Yes, because when it comes to hoarded properties we have to see the property in order to give an accurate quote.

Why Do You Offer This Service?

We offer this service as we have to attend the property to regardless to give a quote for clearing a hoarded house. Often our customers see the contents of the house as having no worth, but sometimes we find hidden items amongst the hoard, this allows our customers to recoup money back from the property.

Do I Have To Be Present?

No! You can either post us the keys to the property to our head office, or leave them with a neighbour or in a safe place, and once we are finished we will return them back or post them back to you. We will also send you photographs of the items we have found amongst the hoard, and email you your quote for clearance.

FREE Asset Recovery Service - Genuine Customer Reviews:

chipping Norton

I lately inherited my late gran’s two-bedroom second floor flat in Chipping Norton.

I live in Inverness, the idea of clearing the flat from such a long distance away was daunting for me, and decided to hire a professional company to undertake the clearance.

As my home in Inverness is my forever home, I organized with the estate agents in Chipping Norton to place the flat up for sale, once they received the keys from my solicitor, the estate agents suggested I have the flat cleared prior to photographs being taken for it to go up for sale.

After discovering a reliable highly recommended house clearance business called Pro house clearance, that are participants of the Anti fly tipping organization, as well as them being totally certified, they also provided a very reasonable and fair quote.

I set up with Anthony for him and the team to collect the keys from the local estate agents in order to access the property for clearance.

The team kept me updated throughout the day, and Anthony called me at 12:30pm to say he had discovered two diamond rings as well as ₤1800 in cash, I was truly amazed at their honesty, and he offered to post it to me once they finished the clearance.

When 2pm came around, I obtained photographs of the empty flat, together with a copy of my invoice, Anthony called me to take payment over the phone, and also ensured me that the things found would be sent to me that evening.

And once they had officially finished, Anthony returned the keys to the estate agents, and headed straight to the post office to post the items found, he attached a tracking receipt via email for next day delivery.

The group have definitely passed my expectations, and have done a genuinely fantastic task, the estate agents have currently been around to take pictures, and also said the flat should sell in no time.

Thank you once again for an amazing job well done.

My aunt had lived in her huge estate for nearly thirty years on her own prior to passing away last week.

Her residence is an eight bedroom, nineteen room in total estate, that I simply did not have the time to sort or clear myself, it would certainly have taken me a fair few months to clear due to being a physician and on call routinely.

I needed to find a dependable business for a two component process house clearance, where they could go in and also find any kind of useful antiques, jewellery, or any other valuables that may have been in the house.

I found Pro House clearance online, and read through a lot of their consumer testimonials, after reading details of a testimonial regarding a 10 bedroom hoarded estate clearance that was executed for another client, it appeared similar to what I required.

I spoke to Anthony at Pro House Clearance over the phone, and after explaining my situation, he decided it would be best to do a call out to give a fair quote on the clearance.

The team worked around my times to set up a quote for clearance, and although I had to cancel three times, they were really patient and understanding with me, we ultimately concurred a day that worked for both of us.

Anthony met me at the estate to give me a quote on the clearance, we agreed it would certainly take between 7-10 days, with six participants of teams and two vans, with the group also working throughout the weekend.

Not only did the house need cleared, and important items requiring found, there is likewise a big annex affixed to the property as well as 2 garages that were full of old battered autos, heavy machinery, and also various other junk.

After receiving the very fair quote, I decided to utilize their services, and left the keys with Anthony.
We arranged a maximum of a ten-day slot, and agreed if Anthony could keep me updated via email rather than telephone, which was no problems at all.

The team kept me updated throughout, sending me photos of the progress on a daily basis, and also even handled to finish the clearance within 7 days, which was an incentive for me as I had a purchaser prepared to move right in as soon as the clearance was complete.

I arranged to meet the team back at the house once the clearance was completed, they took care to fill up a downstairs room with antiques and valuable items that they located whilst clearing the estate, and offered to move the items to a nearby lock up that I owned at no additional costs, I was not expecting them to discover that many antiques and valuable items.

They additionally managed to fill up four big stacker boxes with jewellery that they found throughout the house, and also found just over £8000 in cash.

The team absolutely did not disappoint, they made the whole clearance a breeze for me, they never came across any issues, got rid of the whole contents of the house, annex, as well as clearing the garages with no problem, also eliminating 6 rusty falling apart cars.

The house was fairly messy, and throughout the years my aunt progressively relocated from one space to another as she grew older, and eventually lived in the downstairs lounge, as it was easier to access the kitchen, and bathroom for her.

I of course provided the group a huge tip each for their sincerity with handing in such a large quantity of cash and valuables, and for their exceptional effort with the clearing of the house.

I am so happy that I hired Pro House Clearance to carry out the task at hand.

Many thanks once again to such a superior, specialist and trusted company, as well as a substantial thanks to both teams that executed the clearance.


My dad passed away a few months ago, me and my family were too heart broken to go through his home and clear it out.

We hired Pro house clearance to do it on our behalf and find his personal belongings for us, as well as carry out the clearance.

The team were so understanding and friendly, and were so considerate when carrying out the clearance.

We gave the team a list of things to find for us, and they didn’t disappoint with doing so, they managed to find more valuables than we thought were there, they found my dads Rolex that we thought he had sold prior to his passing.

They managed to donate a huge amount of my dads belongings to his favourite charity in the area, the RSPCA, we are so glad to know that his belongings have went to good use.

Thank you again, Emma.

Clearing a family members house is a very personal thing, and something that is very difficult for anyone to do.

We hired Pro House Clearance to undertake the house clearance for us, they came highly recommended by a family friend.

We are so glad we used this company to clear the house, they have done an outstanding job with doing so, and found a large quantity of jewellery for us whilst clearing.

The team have also managed to donate a huge amount of the house contents to local charities, we know that this is what our great aunt would have wanted.

A very professional and courteous team, thank you so much.

Pro house clearance cleared my dads two bedroom house on Tuesday.

I don’t live near the property and couldn’t make it for the day of the clearance due to work commitments.

I had to arrange for the team to collect the keys from the local estate agents, the team handled all arrangements efficiently on my behalf, and returned the keys back once the house was cleared.

The team completed the clearance at a high standard, they emailed photographs to me of the empty property once they were finished, and allowed me to pay the outstanding bill over the phone via card, and emailed me a copy of my invoice and card receipt.

The team also found a wedding band that belonged to my dad, and posted it to my home address.

I can’t thank the team enough for an amazing service received by them, and also for their honesty and hard work when carrying out the clearance.

Thanks again.