Looking for a fast & efficient house clearance? Look no further, here at Pro House Clearance, we offer a wide variety of house clearance services.

We only require 24 hours notice, and our teams operate 7 days a week.


✅  The first step is to call us on 07591572389 for a quote.

✅  We will ask a few relevant questions in order to get a better understanding of your situation.

✅  We only require 24 hours notice, our teams operate seven days a week.

✅  A team of three of our house clearance specialists will arrive at 9am on the day of the appointment.

✅  The team will carry out the clearance to the highest standard, and will issue you an invoice for your records.

✅ We always donate to local charities, cat and dog shelters, and food banks, any of the household goods, in date food, and bedding that can be re-used, will be donated on your behalf after every job.

✅  We can also carry out a one off deep clean straight after the house clearance is completed, find out more here.

Did You Know?

We also offer these services at no extra cost!

✅ Stair lift removal

✅ Piano removal

✅ White goods disconnection and removal

✅ Car disposal

✅ Loft clearance

✅ Garage/ out building/ shed clearance

✅ Carpet and underlay removal

✅ Locating personal documents/ paperwork/ family photographs/ valuables

✅ Garden clearance

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    The Vans We Use

    Unlike most house clearance companies who use smaller transit type luton vans, we use the biggest luton lo-loader vans on the market.

    •  Internal Length (A): 4.1m / 13ft 7in
    •  Internal Width (F): 2.1m / 6ft 10in
    •  Internal Height (C): 2.5m / 8ft 2in
    •  Payload: 1350kg
    •  Cubic Capacity: 22m3

    House Clearance FAQs


    Do you charge VAT?

    Yes! We are a VAT registered company, the current rate for VAT is 20%.


    What do you do?

    We specialise in house clearance throughout the South of England.

    We undertake all types of complete house clearances including hoarded, cluttered, and verminous house clearance, as well as standard house clearances.

    We don’t just clear houses, we can clear flats, estates, mansions, gardens, sheds, and garages too.

    We can also clean the property straight after clearance, ready for sale or to let.


    I don’t live near the property is it possible to post the keys to you?

    Yes! We can make arrangements with you for you to post keys to our head office, and once the property is fully cleared, we can post the keys back to you by special delivery.

    Alternatively, we can collect keys from a trusted place, such as a neighbour, an estate agents, solicitor etc.

    We can also email photographs of the property to you once it has been cleared, for your peace of mind.

    Read more of our FAQs here

    Genuine Customer Recommendations

    House Clearance Cannock – Staffordshire – Genuine Customer Review

    ❝ My mum sadly passed away last year, I have just now built up the courage to have her three bedroom flat cleared in Cannock.

    I have spent several days over the past year going through her personal belongings and removing any sentimental items that I wanted.

    I only recently come to terms with having her flat cleared, and decided it would be better for me to have a professional company come in to do it.

    I found Pro House Clearance online, after talking with Anthony over the phone, and expressing my concerns with having the house cleared, he gave me reassurance, gave me a reasonable quote, and booked me a date in.

    My concerns were with what happens to the contents of the house, I have heard many horror stories about fly tipping, and people being fined due to this, Anthony gave me reassurance and provided me with a copy of their waste carriers licence, and sent me a link to show that they were members of the Anti Fly Tipping Association.

    The team met me at 9am on the day of the clearance, I showed them around my mums flat, and explained what needed to be removed, and what needed to stay, I had labelled a few items of furniture that was to be sold with the flat prior to the teams’ arrival.

    It took Anthony and his team three hours to completely clear the flat, leaving only the few items of furniture that were to stay.

    I am really pleased with the outcome of the clearance, the team have done an amazing job, my concerns about fly tipping went out the window when they provided details of the commercial recycling centre that they were using.

    I can highly recommend Pro House Clearance as a reputable, and fully licensed house clearance company.

    Thanks again guys, Sarah. ❞

    House Clearance Rugeley – Staffordshire – Genuine Customer Review

    ❝ My mum had lived in her estate for nearly 50 years on her own before passing away last month.

    Her house is a twelve bedroom, twenty-three rooms in total mansion, that I just did not have the time to go through or clear myself, it would have taken months, even years, due to being a doctor and on call regularly.

    I needed to find a reliable company for a two part process house clearance, where they could go in and find any valuable antiques, jewellery, or any other valuables that my mum had collected throughout her life, as well as have a house clearance carried out.

    I found Southern house clearance online, and read through most of their customer testimonials, after reading a specific review about a ten bedroom mansion clearance that was carried out for another customer, it sounded just like what I needed.

    I contacted Southern house clearance, and due to the kind of clearance it was, they needed to come out and view the house beforehand to give a fair quote on the clearance.

    The team worked around my times to arrange a viewing, and even though I had to cancel three times, they were very patient and understanding with me, we eventually agreed a date that worked for both of us.

    Anthony met me at the house to give me a quote on the clearance, we agreed it would take 9 days, with six members of staff and two vans, with the team also working throughout the weekend.

    Not only did the house need cleared, and valuable items needing found, there is also a large annex attached to the house and two garages that were filled with old battered cars, heavy machinery, and other junk.

    I left the keys with Anthony once agreeing a quote, and a nine-day slot, and asked him to contact me via email during the clearance in case I was at work.

    The team kept me updated throughout, sending me photographs of the progress after every day, and they even managed to finish the clearance within seven days, which was a bonus for me as I had a buyer ready to move straight in once the clearance was complete.

    I met the team back at the house once they were finished, they managed to fill a room with antiques and valuable items that they found whilst clearing, and also moved it all to a nearby secure lock up for me at my request, for no additional cost, I was not expecting them to find that much.

    They also managed to fill three large stacker boxes with jewellery that they were finding throughout the house, and found just over £12,000 in cash.

    The team did not disappoint, they made the whole clearance a breeze for me, they didn’t hassle me at work, and made sure to only email me just in case I was at work, they never stumbled across any problems, cleared the whole house, annex, and garages with no hassle, even removing six rusty falling apart vehicles.

    The house was fairly cluttered, and over the years my mum gradually moved from one room to another as she got older, and eventually lived in the downstairs lounge, as it was easier to access the kitchen, and bathroom for her.

    I of course gave the team a large tip each for their honesty with handing in such a large amount of cash and valuables, and for their extremely hard work with clearing the house.

    I am so glad that I used southern house clearance, if I didn’t, the house would probably still be sitting full today.

    Thanks again to such an outstanding, professional and reliable company, and a huge thank you to the two teams that carried out the clearance.

    Sincerely, Andrew. ❞

    House Clearance Loughborough – Leicestershire – Genuine Customer Review

    ❝ Pro House Clearance have done an amazing job with clearing my late mums three bedroom semi detached house and garage in Loughborough.

    My mum passed away suddenly, and we needed to have her home cleared quickly in order to hand the keys back to the landlord without incurring additional rent charges, Pro House Clearance were able to fit us in very quickly, and assured us that the house would be cleared in one day.

    They worked effortlessly throughout the day, finishing at 6pm, they made sure the whole house, garage, and shed was completely clear of all contents, furniture, and white goods, and also carried out a deep clean afterwards.

    I thank Anthony and the team for making a difficult job seem easy, they were all very comforting and understanding of my situation, they found my mums old wedding album which they handed in to me, I must have missed it when going through her personal belongings.

    Such an amazing job done by a very professional and hardworking team, they worked extremely hard knowing that I needed it cleared that day, it should have been a two day job, but they made sure it was done for me.

    I can highly recommend this company to anyone needing a house clearance in the Loughborough area.

    Thanks again, Amanda.

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    Charities We Donate To

    We are huge believers in recycling and reusing, we aim to donate at least three van loads a week to various charities, food banks, cat and dog shelters, and homeless centres.

    We aim to reuse and recycle 95% of house contents.

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